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7 Benefits of Professional Property Management in Coquitlam

Posted on Jul 18, 2024

The City of Coquitlam is an excellent choice for astute investors looking to buy rental properties. The city's thriving economy gives you access to a broad pool of renters who flock here in search of opportunities.Buying a good investment property isn't enough to guarantee your success as a landlord, though. To ensure you thrive, you must also inve...

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Property Management in  Port Moody: Essential Guide for Owners and Landlords

Posted on Jul 16, 2024

Imagine waking up without the dread of emergency repair calls or the hassle of late rent payments. Picture a reality where your Port Moody properties are thriving environments that tenants are happy to call home.This isn't a far-fetched fantasy. Instead, it's a very achievable reality with the right strategies and insights at your disposal.Navigati...

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Why Choose Professional Property Management in Burnaby?

Posted on Jul 15, 2024

The average home price in Canada is over $487,000. While rising housing costs have made it difficult for some to find the right home, it's also an amazing opportunity for investors. However, it's crucial to handle your property the right way.
Managing property in Burnaby can be challenging. The good news is that finding the right solution is easier...

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Property Management in Surrey: 7 Expert Tips for Surrey Landlords

Posted on Jul 12, 2024

People often consider properties to be simple assets, like stocks and cryptocurrency, ripe for healthy returns with some savvy decisions.However, real estate is a little more unique than other investments because the success you see doesn't come from those early decisions; it comes from the long-term strategy you use to manage those properties. In...

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Property Taxes: Your Quick Rental Property Deductions Checklist

Posted on Jul 10, 2024

As the owner of a rental property, you're always on the hunt for ways to reduce your tax burden. But how can you effectively manage your expenses to offset your tax load?The answer lies in understanding and utilizing a comprehensive rental property deductions checklist.
Join us as we look into the essential items you should include on this checklist...

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The Best Places to List Rental Properties to Find Great Tenants

Posted on Jul 09, 2024

Did you know roughly 5 million Canadians earn income from rental properties? But before you can start earning from yours, you need to find tenants that work for your available units. How do you choose the best places to list rental properties to attract quality tenants? The key is knowing the right platforms and strategies. Join us as we examine th...

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