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The Best Places to List Rental Properties to Find Great Tenants

Did you know roughly 5 million Canadians earn income from rental properties? But before you can start earning from yours, you need to find tenants that work for your available units. How do you choose the best places to list rental properties to attract quality tenants? The key is knowing the right platforms and strategies. Join us as we examine the best places to list rental properties, exploring online platforms, specialized rental websites, social media, and more.

Best Places to List Rental Properties

Choosing the right platform to list your rental property is key to attracting quality tenants. The platform you choose can greatly impact the type of tenants you attract. Some platforms have a wide reach, while others cater to specific audiences.A good platform will have a solid reputation and a large user base. This means your property gets more visibility, leading to a higher chance of finding reliable tenants. Different platforms offer various features. Some provide detailed tenant screening options, while others have user-friendly interfaces that make listing properties easy.It's important to understand what each platform offers and how it can benefit you. For instance, a platform with strong tenant screening tools can save you time and effort. is another excellent platform for listing rental properties. It is known for its comprehensive listings and reliable service. attracts a large number of users, including serious renters looking for their next home.The platform's features include detailed property descriptions, high-quality photos, and easy-to-use search filters. These tools help your property stand out and attract the right tenants. Listing on can increase your chances of finding reliable tenants who are ready to move in.


Craigslist is a well-known platform for rental listings, but it comes with its pros and cons. The biggest advantage of Craigslist is its large audience. Many people browse Craigslist daily, which means your listing can reach a wide range of potential tenants. However, Craigslist also has some downsides. The platform lacks advanced tenant screening tools and has a higher risk of scams. To make the most of Craigslist, be sure to write a clear and detailed listing. Include high-quality photos and be prepared to screen potential tenants thoroughly yourself.


Kijiji is another excellent platform for listing rental properties. It is known for its extensive database and user-friendly interface. offers detailed property descriptions and also reaches a wide range of potential tenants. These features help make your property stand out and attract the right tenants. Kijiji is a great choice for landlords looking to reach a large audience and find quality tenants.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a powerful tool for listing rental properties. It allows you to reach a large audience quickly. By listing your property on Facebook, you can connect with potential tenants in your local area. The platform is easy to use and lets you include detailed descriptions and photos. You can also communicate directly with interested renters through Facebook Messenger. This makes the process of finding and screening tenants more efficient.

Community Bulletin Boards

Using community bulletin boards can be an effective way to advertise your rental property. Many neighborhoods and community centers have physical and online bulletin boards where you can post listings. These boards are often used by people looking for housing in specific areas. By creating a clear and attractive advertisement, you can catch the attention of potential tenants. Make sure to include all the important details and contact information so interested renters can reach out to you easily.

Tenant Screening and Placement

Tenant screening is a vital step in the rental process. It's essential to make sure you find reliable and responsible tenants. The screening process involves checking a potential tenant's background, credit history, and references. This helps you avoid tenants who might cause problems or fail to pay rent on time. A thorough screening process can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.One of the best ways to screen tenants is by using online tools and services. Many rental platforms offer tenant screening as part of their service. These tools can provide detailed reports on a tenant's rental history, credit score, and criminal background.They can help you make informed decisions about who to rent to. It's also important to contact past landlords for references. They can give you valuable insights into a tenant's behavior and reliability.

Finding Great Tenants

Choosing the best places to list rental properties is essential for attracting quality tenants.
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